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14212 Ambaum Boulevard Southwest Suite 100
Burien, WA, 98166


Davis Dental Health is an office of general dentistry in Burien, Washington.  


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Public Health Announcement

Liz Davis


It is always unfortunate when we see bad news about our profession, but today has been especially difficult. The recent article published in many news media outlets today (click here if you missed it) is about infection control issues and potential for spread of blood borne pathogens, in the office of Dr. George M. Davis.

We at Davis Dental Health would like to emphasize that we have no personal or professional affiliation with the office of Dr. George Davis, which has in fact been closed since September 2018. We share only the same last name, and his office was located across the street from ours, so we can understand the confusion and concern. Again, Dr. Liz Davis (married name; maiden name Coleman) is in no way related to, nor has she ever practiced with or even met Dr. George Davis.

Please contact us for questions or concerns.